Tateraudio has over 33+ years experience on some of the largest, most grueling concert tours in history, serving such artists as Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Judas Priest, Stone Temple Pilots and Slash. As a result, we have sought to deliver the same quality, flexibility and consistency demanded on the road to anyone wanting quality professional event audio equipment or design services.


Tateraudio offers an assortment of new and pre-owned equipment for rental or sale, packaged in tour-ready cases to provide the utmost in flexibility and ease-of-use:​


Delivering industry standard consoles for tour and one-off production, Tateraudio offers desks from Yamaha and Digico.


Tateraudio founder Kevin "Tater" McCarthy is an industry-renowned, multi-Parnelli Award winning monitor engineer. So, Tateraudio offers the same gear demanded by its owner to clients for rental. The same quality and attention to detail is found in the prep and packaging of systems from Wisycom, Lectrosonics, Sennhesier, Shure, KLANG, and PWS.


From IEM and PA processing to outboard effects, Tateraudio provides a variety of processing options from  Waves, dbx, TC Electronics, and others.


Wireless systems to meet the most demanding tour and one-off requirements are provided by Tateraudio, from such reputable manufacturers as Shure, Lectrosonics, Wisycom, and Sennheiser.


Tateraudio offers a number of flexible options for both FOH and monitor speaker systems from Meyer and Adamson, with power provided by Lab.Gruppen.


Tateraudio's vast experience in pro audio, acoustics and technology provides clubs, theatres, houses of worship, and other venues or touring productions with benefits not found in typical installed or portable sound design. Using the most advanced software, tools and methods in the industry, Tateraudio is able to design touring and fixed-installation systems that are unmatched in performance, clarity and usability:

Systems must perform under sometimes rigorous conditions, day in and day out. Tateraudio recognizes that an ounce of prevention, in the form of opting for reliability over bells and whistles or unproven technology, often saves thousands of dollars down the road.

Systems for tours, clubs, theaters and houses of worship must be easily reconfigured, often on a weekly or even daily basis to accommodate changing artists, shows and ceremonies. Bringing innovative, tour-level preparedness for these changes is key to Tateraudio's success in system design.

Tateraudio recognizes that finances are a major concern, especially in smaller venues. Leveraging our unique experience, knowledge and relationships, Tateraudio is able to bring unmatched "bang for the buck" to these venues.


In addition to our world-class professional design and engineering services, Tateraudio offers facilities for gear storage, prep and accommodations. Located in Detroit's historic, yet hidden, Brightmoor neighborhood, 


Tateraudio has literally thousands of square feet for  Insured safe and secure storage.


Tateraudio's facilities provide an ideal location for prepping and programming


The proprietor of the Tateraudio knows first hand the pressures of working in such a high profile industry and has gone to great lengths to assure privacy, solitude and an environment in which to work and relax unhindered by outside distractions. The Roadie Safe House provides top notch, on premise lodging in a discreet environment above a fully equipped tour prep paradise suitable for every gig from weddings to Wembley.

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